The Date and Route of the Dubai Marathon 2024

Dubai Marathon 2024

The date and route of the Dubai Marathon 2024 have been revealed. The Dubai Marathon will return to the emirate’s center next year. The event last year was held in the Expo 2020 complex, while the 23rd marathon, which takes place on January 7, will begin and end on Umm Suqeim Road. The three races organized by the Dubai Sports Council are a 4km fun run, a 10km road race, and the full 42.2km marathon. The marathon begins at the Dubai Police Academy and includes views of Jumeirah Beach Road, the Burj Al Arab, and Madinat Jumeirah.


The event will take place approximately six months before the Paris Olympics and, as such, will provide elite competitors with the opportunity to post record-breaking qualifying times. “International athletes are well aware that the Dubai Marathon is a race that can put them in the global spotlight and open doors to a successful career in long-distance running,” event director Peter Connerton said.


According to endurance racer Lee Ryan, the following four months or so should be spent devoting to a training regimen, whether professional or not. Ryan, an adidas Runners coach, shares five pointers to aspiring runners. Time: Don’t be scared to rearrange a training session to fit into your schedule. For example, if your day will end late, you may need to set an earlier alarm or workout in the gym on a treadmill if you are traveling.


eating: Think of eating as fuel for your workouts and recovery. Healthy eating can be flavorful and enjoyable. Throw off the boiling chicken breast and mushy broccoli, but keep in mind that quick food and fizzy sugary drinks are not the way to go. It is a matter of learning how your body reacts to what is introduced. A well-balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and protein is essential.


Sleep is a significant aspect that many people ignore. The benefits of sleep are well known, but many individuals underestimate how much it can affect their well-being. When we sleep deeply, our bodies mend, reset, and expand. Consider it like recharging your batteries. Find a regimen that allows you ample time to sleep.


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Data: Look for techniques to track how well your training is working. There are numerous wearables and apps that can assist you in collecting data so that you can focus on progress while also having a solid indicator of how the body is developing. This data is useful for reflecting on progress achieved during difficult days when you believe you are not making any headway.